Friday, September 23, 2016

How to request for IELTS Result rechecking

You must to take two main decision, if your IELTS result disappointing you.

A. request for re-marking.
B. Participant the test again

You must appeal for re-marking of your results, if you suppose that you can earn a best score than you were mark. You can appeal to re-check the entire test or any part of it. Of course the practice will be done by paying some amount as a fee.

The fee is reimbursed if the result reached to a higher score. here is some suggestion for you, If you surely put up request for remarking. Go to the center where you appear in the test. You will get a form called IELTS Enquiry on Results Form, after 6 weeks of your test date. Fill the form properly and the mark the tests you wish for remarking.

If you asked to my opinion, there is nothing a chance for you to get success, they were mistakenly cut down your number if you are extremely sure about this mishap.

Mostly people were continuously inquired about 2nd choice.

A high score.

You have greatly possibility in the Writing and speaking sections because the score didn’t depend on who checked the work.

What is the next step?  Your test paper.

Totally different Checker will be re-checking your writing or speaking test. This practice will only be done by Examiner appointed by the British Council or IDP,

Now I will share My Indian student Experience. She was very sure and positive during her IELTS test and sees her results well. She only can get 6.5 in Speaking while the results arrived. She was confident for more Bands 8 – 7.5. So she made an immediately appeal. She was right and truly gets pessimistic

After some time, she email me that her real score is 7 after rechecking the test. The examiner appointed by British Council agreed and thought she was a Band 7 candidate.

Monday, May 12, 2014

How to improve English skills

Always use free ESL audio and eBooks. This will absolutely facilitate you to progress your skills about language. You must be dedicating your sufficient time and required a lot of practice.
Here are few ideas to helping you for learning more rapidly.
Listen. Regularly Listen to English discussion and talks as much as feasible for you. Pay attention to radio and TV programs. Carefully listen to local speaker. Audio courses also important. It must be need to listen a lot, actually it is better for you to spent your enough time every day. Constantly pay attention to English audio program even if you are doing your work like cooking or driving.

Speak. You can improve language skills by listening and speaking. Your speaking power will become good only if you continue to speak. Make your routine to converse with your friends and family. Or even  you might possibly be speak by yourself. Discuss yourself on unusual topics.

3. Read. Continue to study everything you like. it would be extend your words dictionary and make increase your thinking. It will turn you as sharp presenter.

4. Writing. This is the last but most important skill. It will help us for remembering stuff as enhanced as it grip into our memory. Seeking for writing the things we eavesdrop on the audio. We must be known about writing small notes, verse, letters and object. Obviously, it would be complex by primary level to writing something effortlessly at first. However keep in mind, do compose ideal.