Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Some Tips for IELTS Listening Practice test

There are 4 parts include in each test. dialogues are include in part 1 and part 3 and monologues are in 2 and 4.  The total time period of the test is 30 minutes and candidate must answer to all questions. 

You have only 10 minutes for transferring answers at your answer sheet if you reached at the end of the test. Give all answers attentively. For wrong answers negative marking are not allowed.

Listen the recording carefully in starting of each part for answer the given questions and try to complete in given time in all questions you must highlight the key words, this would be helpful for understanding the listening.

 You have award some time at the end of every part to checking your answers.

  Be careful regarding questions if you have directed to give the answers as T, F, N.G. on the answer sheet, it means don not write TRUE, FALSE. 

Give your answer only in 3 words if the you prohibited from using more then three words. You will not get marks if you violate the instruction.