Wednesday, June 14, 2017

IELTS for overseas nurses and midwives

There is some reasonable changing made by NMC (Nursing Midwifery Council) for its (International English Language Testing System) ielts requirements especially for overseas nurses and midwives belong from within the European area.

The NMC having concern about nurses and employers difficulties regarding this test also    It will raise the flexibility for applicants who want to fulfill the standard of English language.

In writing, speaking, reading, and listening level 7 were mandatory for applicants in a one sitting under the prior system. Applicants still need to get level 7 in all areas to meet the NMC standard, but under the new protocols it can be done in two sittings of the tests. 

Within six months applicant should be take both tests after each other and score must be greater than 6.5 for better achievement.

In last year this critical issue raised in an NMC session that this test become too complex at proposed level, some overseas nurses and midwives may be fail to get jobs in the UK from this difficulty.

European nurses need to get level 7 score as NMC requirement introduce in the beginning of this year in the absence of other proof of their English language skills. The nominal score is 7.0.  As need for Nurses outside from the EU.