Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Formula for Good IELTS Band

Any Students will be agreed a spot among 0 and 9 for all of the 4 associate tests there are no partially symbols in the Writing and speaking sections. Our generally posse Score is a normal 4 Section Band gain, with limited scores around up or along to the adjoining 0 or 5 score.

Any Students need a score among 0 and 9 meant for both of the four Sub Section there are no partially marks in the Writing and Speaking Parts. Your generally Band Score is a normal 4 Section Scores for good, by limited scores encompassing up or behind to the 0 or 5 score.

as a result, if you score

Listening Part


Reading  Part


Writing Part


in the Speaking Sub-test



Your entire score is

By usually the scores separating the whole score 24.5 by 4 in the case beyond, you would get a generally Band achieve of 6.0.

The rare score. The generally score is typically 4 piece. If the usual score is in
Decimals, then it are smoothed to the adjoining half. As prohibiting, for writing sector the half band is not valid. It is show as a model.

In appraisal if the entrant got 30 exact answers elsewhere of 40 questions, afterward he get  7 in Reading part. If a nominee got the subsequent score in the 4 parts. Rare score accomplish by the contender in all piece.

Generally IELTS Score

33 from 40
(7.5+7+6+8)/ 4=7.124

What is semi Number?

The IELTS Score by partially decimal (0.5) is identified like Half band score. E.g. 7.5.and  IELTS Score not including decimal is identified like Full band. Listening, Reading &Speaking is confirm in complete band and half band .Writing is proof just in full band score.


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