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    Language is a skill the more you practice the better you get generally. Speaking is the most fundamental part of a language and you just need to find opportunities to practice. If you can’t speak well how on earth will you manage in your new country, your new job, or your new study? That’s what the IELTS is testing! Do you have the right level of English to succeed in the venture that you are embarking upon?

    Wednesday, December 7, 2016

    The reason of why my IELTS Results is pending?

    Did you check the terms and conditions come with the IELTS form if you apply for appearance in this test? You must be very careful about these terms and conditions because if you will ignore this point your might be suspended.


    If any type of abnormality is detect the result may possibly be terminate by the authority. If this happen you must be to re-appear in this test.

     If any alteration found  in any circumstance  into your Test Report Form which is provided by you the test authority might be terminate the result.

    What should I do?

    You must wait and keep patience if your result still stops. The results must be issue but there is no time limit available for candidate. In a couple of weeks, some students get their results. On the other side, some students may require long time for result declaration.

    Retake your test

    If you do not like to waste your time, you can retake the test. If you appear in multiple tests, it is depending upon you which result is right for you. It is my advice always to use result with high score. For your future, simply prefer the best result.


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