Tuesday, April 12, 2011

IELTS Speaking the subject of two minutes

Do you really think that IELTS is difficult? Here are some of IELTS Speaking tips and sample questions - and I think this gives the students some good ideas and practice. However, in reality, not a word about the second part of the IELTS speaking from what I started this new topic here. This is the oral examination, the 1 minute is added to make up notes, and then you have to speak for 2 minutes of questions from the examiner.

Many students always have this part of examination in panic, and speak often hard for 2 minutes. Very often the reason is that over time 1 minute preparation useful. You should try to take notes at this time remember to discuss things and to organize your presentation logical.Another problem is that under pressure, you use my student interest not the vocabulary and grammar. So they end up repeating basic words like "good " or "bad."The only way to solve these problems is the practice of this part of the test over again. You must also register with doing different subjects. This way, you will notice if the vocabulary boring or interesting, if you make mistakes in grammar.


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