Monday, June 6, 2011

Essential Practice for IELTS to get good score

IELTS tests your knowledge of the English language, and it is up to you how much you improve your skills with brains.Wherever need with what the English language, you should appear in IELTS, you know, your English is good enough, you must be, or not to test. I am therefore of the IELTS Practice Tests "market.In books in the Cambridge-book series," Overview of IELTS, with the entire council and has three more books have practice tests. "101 Tips for IELTS" well, that both directions and a practical test. There are many other books on the market.

Note that these books greatly improve their English. Thay only:

1: Aquaint image of the test.

2: Ensure that the achievement of the English language, the best results in IELTS.

3: To slip you into the rhythm of the IELTS exam.

There are four categories in the IELTS test: listening, reading, writing and speaking. The minimum passing score band listening, reading and writing 6 and the seventh is a minimum total score of the speech team doctor, it is necessary to seventh to

In reality?

First select category all  We have been listening. Well, read these tips for listening anywhere .. Perhaps there are books like "Cambridge Series" and "101 Tips for IELTS" or other books or the Internet.

After reading the tips and then to field test it. Some practical examination. If you are in the practice tests ..... just means that the ability to listen to the mark, where that part is clear IELTS.

As for other categories. Read the instructions  and then the practical test and evaluation.

Well, as I said, if you study hard in practice, good and fair. But if you're not in a position to the points in each band / all categories, it must get better in this category is required. Since the book does not improve the IELTS English language, you have to do is appreciated by others.

You can improve your listening skills by listening to the BBC and other news channels in English or a movie. Focus hard and try to understand how what he says the spokesman.

Reading can be improved by reading English newspapers, novels, and even medical research. Increase the speed and try to understand and remember how much you can read the play.

You can write letters, more and more and thereby improve space, that is, with family and friends can talk as much as you.

But other than that it is also the grammar and English grammar and composition Wren Martin.

If you believe that any category well enough to be of value to a better re-start the practice tests for this category, as they are.

They are good. But if you still not to the required number of points the team, it should not even try to improve his English skills through the above methods.

Well, this is a common format for the IELTS to be prepared.

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