Wednesday, August 31, 2011

IELTS Reading understand the topic Sentence

Each section is divided into different sections, and each point represents, in particular idea or set of ideas in the order. Therefore, each section contains the sentence, and sometimes (but rarely), a couple of sentences outlining the subject matter which is dealt with in this particular point. Now look at the following two examples,

The first figure shows how the song is divided into separate sections: (This section is taken from Cambridge IELTS 5)

Please note that the above passage is divided into several sections, and each point represents a particular idea or concept. Can you find the ideas presented? More information is available, how to find the topic sentence and use the answers to the questions:

What is the topic sentence and how to find?

Basically a topic sentence, "an idea or concept which deals with the flow."Consider the following example: topic sentence was underlined in red. The item was in Cambridge IELTS 5 replies.

Read the above paragraph. You can see that it presents a detailed description of what happens in the human brain, when he / she listens to a joke and try to understand. However, the whole concept is fairly accurately summed up the expression "found evidence to suggest that to understand a joke related to a wide spiritual change," you can read the section again, and agrees that the paragraph says, "a large mental shift" in detail. Therefore, the main theme or topic is that "to understand the joke associated with a wide emotional appeal."

Why is it important topic sentences, and where it can be used?

Topic sentences are used in response to questions such as:

    Selecting the "Title" item (s) option from the list
    The corresponding point (s) of the message sentences
    Reply to True, false or not questions.

Read the section above and try to suggest suitable sites for him.


Some sections are topic sentence that explains the main theme. Point, however, sub-topic (s) that provide deeper details, which will be discussed, and in many cases gives you an idea how it will be explained later, or may be in the next paragraph. Again, this can easily be spotted in this section.

Search and highlights the topic sentence and sub-topic (or other important ideas), transport can help to understand not only the candidate point (and all the way better), but also to find important information easier and to answer questions. Remember that all things are well understood, and in the corridors will help to answer the questions correctly and get a better score


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