Sunday, August 14, 2011

Improve your listening and speaking skills daily

You should be improve your English skills if you are Preparing for IELTS .We feel at least some part during the day, even if English is not the first language in our country, so why not have the best. Learn something new every day, as noted, should not be ignored, and no doubt goes a long way when it comes to improving our knowledge of the English language. Here is one of many ways to improve your English listening and speaking the simple joy of everyday practice.

Like the movie? We all do. At the end of watching a movie than as a friend or family member of what convinced the story, the hero has been as impressive or as cool stunts, etc., etc., have been? If you do, you try to talk in English. It is good to use a set of words you just heard in the movie or have gained more in the film, so as to use. Do not worry about making mistakes at first, with time to improve your expression, fluency and grammar. Do not feel embarrassed if you make mistakes, we all make mistakes, even native speakers of English sometimes small errors, because the software to make human beings can make mistakes! In order to keep anything new and try it!

If you are not comfortable talking with a friend in English (only) and then take a tape recorder or use the voice recorder on the phone and take it all in the film, how you feel about how they were affected, she saw, she liked it or were bored and what improvements have been made in the film. Save the recording and listen. You can keep the records and compare with new, more recording modes from your experience and you will see that your speech, expression and fluidity will get a good push to the right after a couple of times! As a simple and effective is it? You have nothing to prove this technology, so why not start to lose and take your favorite movies, once you get some time

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