Friday, April 13, 2012

IELTS WRITING conversion

The subsequent IELTS Writing conversion is evaluate internet with newspapers.

By the grow in recognition of the internet, newspapers will rapidly turn into a thing of the past. To what level do you agree or disagree?                                                                                                          

Currently, the internet is measured to be essential part of life for several people because it look like to offer infinite information . It is plain that the internet gradually more control newspapers which are ,like defined in Macmillan English dictionary,    set of written sheets of double papers containing daily news, or information....excluding can internet fully replace newspaper?

firstly, we should allow that the internet facilitate us utilize plentiful source of information smoothly . Today, with a computer joined to internet, you can access thousands of websites which permit you to extend your awareness. And you, noticeably, are involved by substantially vibrant information in different field such as education, sports, health and so on. in addition, it is enormously simple to find the subject you like in a minute by clicking the links on the screen. further prominently, the information is constantly well-run. after the news is uploaded, you can have it.

the internet consumption is further handy in these days, appreciation for the support of high technology. separately from computers and laptops, several new electronic devices such as ipads, mobile phones... are prepared with function of accessing the internet. as a result, people are truly optimistic to surf the internet more.

while the internet is viewing its sturdy benefit today, it can not conquer newspaper absolutely. The first basis is that it entirely relies on electronic device. If there are no computers, no ipads, no mobile phones, there is no internet. in addition, yet if there are variety of electronic things, but the internet line is damage, there is no internet. So, reading newspapers is at rest the efficient means to get information. The second basis could be of people who do not wish for their eyes to be laid up by contacting with electronic version. They are confident to prefer printed papers in stead of surfing the internet. These are grounds why newspapers not at all become history.

In wrapping up, the beginning of the internet has been minifying newspapers as of its immense reward. However, I have further belief that it in no way compose daily disappear inedible our planet.


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