Thursday, April 5, 2012

Language learning, teaching and identity

I gather my companion john for tea at present and we encompass a truly exciting dialogue as regards how we and citizens we know feel about our capacity to converse, realize and teach languages and how it concern our good judgment of hold personality.  She is liability various especially exciting examine about English teachers.

I've tired the daylight idea in relation to what a massive job my familiarity of languages plays in my intellect of who I am, and how in a different way I believe regarding teaching English where I am an undoubted professional as I am a local narrator evaluate to how I undergo about teaching French I have a grade in French and near-perfect domination of language rules but would in no way be incorrect for a native speaker.

Do you know how to a non-native narrator always be aware of entirely identical to a local speaker in a dealing or school situation?  I myself in no way to defeat a little distressing insecurities as regards not person a indigenous speaker of French during my fifteen years as a French teacher, even if in a little conduct I be a enhanced French teacher than I am an English teacher.  I be capable to entirely make out with the great effort my students expression as they learnt French - later than, I had look and beat these struggles for myself.   

while a trainee English teacher, I was regularly by a beating to clarify WHY impressive was grammatically false, and had to go down reverse on the pretty too little details that it presently 'didn't resonance English'.  to would not at all include come to pass while I was teaching French, while I recognize each regulation and the exceptions to that regulation surrounded by out. 

however, currently  I am a reasonably practiced English teacher, I am convinced with illumination nearly all portion of grammar and, nearly all central of every pro me myself, I not at all comprise to concern on my tone of voice or the span of my expressions, since I do while I was teaching French.  I have a brawny and helpful wisdom of my hold self as a 'good teacher'.

later year my husband and I are setting up to use up three months in Paris - I surprise how I will undergo on myself as a narrator of French after that?

I'd survive especially attracted to hear from further language student and teachers regarding how they think their speech talent (and weakness) change their sense of who they are.


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