Monday, August 26, 2013

IELTS Academic Writing – Subjects

Commonly it has difficult for me to imagine and understand for things. I am trying to provide examples and also a little endure for showing how to approach an IELTS Task 2 essay.

Here is a Task 2 Question.

"Do you suppose that societies should to implement capital penalty or Are there choice of penalty that should be enhanced?"

Also I had forget how an essay goes on easily I added. Obviously it is general practice  that you have some good ideas and skills for writing essays. Do you have skills for doing it? good practice for you.

Let me directly say, firstly it is needed to judge the question. What is it?

It is need to identify what you are judging regarding capital punishment also how can humanity use it. There are need to understand how can you suggest any option against it.

You must have a reasonable view for mutually component of the question. It is significantly appreciate by me if it is not correct. You must provide valued view about your thought.
There is a destroy of crime of a criminal by using Capital punishment. At earlier some countries engaged with this way of penalty but presently it is broadly exercise by much of state. But I am at against of this method personally and suppose that there are many other ways of punishment rather then it.

If you search another ways also exists. If a criminal involve in big crime he can be send down for lifetime as a penalize. Also some criminals are mentally ill who involved in crimes so they could be keeping everlasting in mental hospitals.


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