Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Top IELTS Speaking Tips that is very useful for students

Always use confidently sign like: well, let me think, these are appealing question words to acquire time for thinking, don’t use improper wording like: ummm, errr, this is look like bad sense. Always think ahead, don’t be use topics where have not proper words or terms for speaking.

Always avoid from using slang and casual language. Particularly do not promise because automatically it turns and effect on your band less than score 4 or more!

Don’t apply words or terms in your speaking where you unsure about there meaning these mistakes may penalize your band.

It is very handy for you if correctly answer to questions, avoid to change the topic yourself, even if examiner will notice. He/she assume you fail to understand the question.

Clearly speak as possible it is more favorable for you and also check your pronunciation. It doesn’t matter what is your accent it should not affect your score.
It will be best for you to correct any mistake you made. If it happens say: I am apologizing, what I meant to say was...

Be Conscious about Grammar use

Always utilize full sentences and observe tenses you used. Frequently answer in a defined tense the questions will ask by examiner. This is a consciously tactic in order to verify how to you know their uses. You must reveal your talent of the type of tenses. If want to get a good band score.


The examiner is gaze to notice if you’re pronouncing words plainly. Don’t worry regarding your accent. However if you pronouncing clearly, your band is ineffective even your accent is native or not.

Fluency and consistency

Your fluency in English would be observed strictly by examiner, so it is important to speaking in an impulsive and natural mode. Long gaps and pauses are harmful for your speech. Be confident what you are saying? Is it understandable?


Always you must be applying broad series of words as you could. If you identify precise words allied to the question. Hi band scores can be giving to you. In case if question are about cricket then empire, opener, bowler, batsman and wicket keeper will specific.


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