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    Thursday, August 22, 2013

    IELTS essay: Should education be free?

    Every Body should have equal opportunity for Education, primary, secondary or Higher Education and must be paid by government.
    Are you agree or disagree?
    Every Citizen must have a basic right for getting school or university education freely .The view is not controversial one.

    Those, who are not agreeing to this, are saying”In case of providing free education government will pay huge   massive expenditures in that sector”. My view about free education is it can be especially valuable for country.

    Young public particularly students from lower families are mostly smart. If we monitor biographies of famed people elevate in poverty can demonstrate this best.

    It is not fair for general peoples that school education only be available for opportune. Additionally here can be really affected, as a result of be deficiency talented specialists, whose talent was undiscovered and not build up by correct training. Free education is also make the nation happy. Middle class society can increase stress and worry if school or university fees are not free or expensive.

    Also it is one of the reasons of low birthrate in countries where higher education having higher expenditures. This indicates the point that in future peoples will be unable to provide good education to their children. At last, nothing looks to be really more favorable for economy of intelligent state. Gratis study programs could make brilliant expert, who must effort for bringing profit for them and consequently for their country.  Definitely It had reimburse of mostly operating cost of state budget.


    1. Yes education should be free and in developing countries they invest a lot in their education. They give free education to children and full support to my assignment help take their nation on top. I think other countries should also take these things seriously and give free education.

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