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    Language is a skill the more you practice the better you get generally. Speaking is the most fundamental part of a language and you just need to find opportunities to practice. If you can’t speak well how on earth will you manage in your new country, your new job, or your new study? That’s what the IELTS is testing! Do you have the right level of English to succeed in the venture that you are embarking upon?

    Sunday, July 24, 2011


    The Speaking Module assesses a candidate's ability to speak English with precision and fluidity.

    A person is considered to be as comfortable in English when he / she speaks:

    • in a normal pace (neither too slow nor too fast, when the speech is unintelligible)

    • always against nature and breaks (ie, without hesitation)

    • without excessive and unnecessary repetition (repeating the same thing over and over)

    • With the appropriate organization and cohesion (the speech must be connected, should the sanctions are not left incomplete, in order to skip to the next idea. Ideas should be joined. Hazardous rates on unimportant things are inappropriate and lead to lower scores.)

    • It is clear, therefore, that the speech is understandable (not too fast so that the importance of the audience to be determined, no murmur, not too strong, in a suitable place, the words must be spoken clearly with corresponding natural breaks)

    The word of one person is believed to be reliable if it uses / she:

    • accurate grammar

    • appropriate tone (formal or informal), as required, the situation or topic. IELTS speaking module focuses on a semi-formal, relaxed conversation, but the informal level, should be avoided completely.

    • appropriate vocabulary in context (the subject).

    • Good pronunciation. Pronunciation plays a very important, because incorrect pronunciation, the meaning of change or the whole word or phrase to make the same direction.


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