Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vocabulary Building Practise: BUILD YOUR WORD POWER

Build your word to pay the long term. Obviously you can have a good selection of words in the IELTS writing module. Remember the key is to use their words carefully and appropriately (only with hard words, but inaccurate, the candidate to lose points, so be careful.)
With a good selection of words is impressive and useful, but the words can be stored on their use not only by cramming everyday or dictionary by learning from other sources without reference, because the passwords are stored, as there is no cognitive support, be sure to help. Confused? Do not be. BACKGROUND Words can not remember. If you do not know its use in real life, you do not remember.

For example:
"Sociable" could be a difficult word to memorize and later retrieved in everyday life or in the examinations. If you know that "sociable" is an adjective, in addition to knowing its real meaning [was: (for people) fell, with others, or (for animals) live in groups, you will be able to l use more accurately in a sentence. Similarly, if you knew their actual use in a "sentence", you will be able to remember to make it even better. Here is a series of use:

Jennifer is a social person, go to friends and family love.
Lions are social animals. You still live in groups.

So now you know:

       the word,
       what part of speech (it is an adjective, and adjectives describe nouns)
       and how it can be used in different types of sentences


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