Sunday, December 9, 2012

Panorama vocabulary

Our world is occupied of gorgeous scenery. Here are the terms you will yet want to illustrate the scene.

Bay: a bay is a coiled component of the seaside.


A seaside is a coast sheltered in sand or stones. Beaches magnetize visitor from all above the world.

Coast: the shoreline and the land lock to it. Beaches are a element of the coastline.


Mountains are a vision to watch. They habitually activity snow restriction crest which look extremely amazing beside the skyline. A mountain is the peak of a stack. It can as well be identify a top. Mountains are normally stony part with no plants emergent on them. but, the valley which are the low down mendacious areas about mountains can be awfully productive.

A hill is a elevated portion of earth with slanting sides. The peak of a hill is identify a top of hill. Hills regularly sport beautiful scenery. pointless to say, they magnetize loads of guests. Hill stations are vacationer areas urbanized around hills. a little of the world’s nearly all famed visitor spots are hill stations.

jungle are huge areas of land enclosed with trees. Woods are tiny forests that extend over shorter locale.

Water bodies

Rivers are huge flow of water that consume into seas or oceans. A watercourse is a slight lane of water. Streams regularly run into rivers.

Lakes are with this water bodies.

An ocean is a in fact great water body. Oceans encompass roughly two-thirds of the earth’s surface.

A desert is a fat area of very waterless, habitually sandy, land. Desert areas are not very livable.


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