Friday, December 14, 2012

Special method of combination of 2 Sentences Part II

Combination of two sentences by whom, which and that

Two or further sentences can be finished into one by via combination of words who, which and that.

Remind that who is utilize to submit to people. Which is utilizing to pass on to things or animals? That can be applying to submit to equally people and things.

Reading the subsequent pattern watchfully.

Sara is a brilliant girl. She has won a scholarship.
Sara, who is a brilliant girl, has won a scholarship. OR Sara, who has won a scholarship, is a brilliant girl.

The aircraft was grounded. It has engine problem.
The aircraft, which had engine problem, was grounded. OR The aircraft, which was grounded, had engine problem.

My Uncle resides in a foreign country. He is a reporter.
My Uncle, who is a reporter. Foreign country. OR My Uncle, who lives in foreign country, is a reporter.

My father is an exacting stickler. He is an ex army man.
My father, who is an ex army man, is an exacting stickler. OR My father, who is an exacting stickler, is an ex army man.

Alice responds the phone. She was very friendly.
Alice who responds the phone was very friendly. OR Alice, who was very friendly, responds the phone.

David is dead. The police were seemed to be for him.
David, whom the police were seem for, is dead. OR David that the police were looking for is dead.

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