Thursday, December 13, 2012

Special Ways of combining Two Sentences

Using adjectives

2 easy sentences can be prepared into one via adjectives as of the 2 sentence .

A hyena thrilling the shooter. It was really vicious.

These 2 sentences are able to end into one by means of the describing words (adjectives) from another sentence.

An awfully wild hyena thrilling the shooter.

The sun thumps down on the farmer. It was completely warm.
The clearly hot son strikes down on the farmer.


Connect all pair off of sentence given lower, use relating words from the 2.

The jet aircraft climb fast. The jet aircraft was powerful.
The armed forces beat the rival. The armed forces were heroic.
Some dogs were listen to barking at a distance. They were natural.
My friend has a little baby. he is very cute.


The powerful jet aircraft climb fast.
The brave soldiers beat the enemy.
Several wild dogs were heard barking at a distance.
 My friend has a little baby.

combining 2 sentences by a preposition and which

2 or additional sentences can be finished into one by using a preposition and which. learn the given examples watchfully.

We purchase various grapes. We extract the fruit juice.
We purchase several grapes as of which we extract the fruit juice.
He lent me several wealth. I bought a bicycle.
He lent me several money with which I bought a bicycle.
He pick up a pebble. He kills the spider.

He selected up a stone by which he kill the lizard.
She gifted me a perfume. I was very cool.


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